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Sunday, Decemberr 30,2007
Butches bill at the hospital is $4,500--

Butch is up and walking with a cane
Today he preached from a wheel chair!! Amen
Sold his computer to put money on bill so he is off line
The hospital is has confiscated his Pass Port (illegally) till the bill is paid off
They did get his vias work done
He is on his way recovering -- Praise the Lord

Tim Searles


Sunday, November 25,2007
To help financially use either his Boards address or his home church

Butches bill at the hospital is $9,000--

New Horizon Baptist Church
13018 HWY 31N.
Ward, AR. 77216

Central Baptist Clearing House
Box 219228
Houston, TX 77218

He is in good spirits and is exercising every day. Struck some kind of deal with the hospital about renewing his visa. They the hospital said they would do the leg work to renew his visa because they are holding his Pass Port. Butch seems to be OK this. Personally I have reservations and don't trust them.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Butch Krenz, Po Box 14, Amper SangKhom, NongKhai, 43160,
66 87-238-2242, ek_thai@hotmail.com

Concerning Butch Krenz
This has got to be fast or its not going to get done.
I'm a missionary here in Thailand and live about 8 hours south of Butch.
My name it Tim Searles and am in contact with him about every other day.
Please feel free to use me as go between.
I can be reached by Vonage phone: 904-430-0598
(Its a call to Florida but rings here in Thailand so you only pay long distance to FL only)
E-Mail tsearles@baptistthailand.com
I will start putting updates on my website under Butches name.
The website is baptistthailand.com.

At present Butch is at home not because he is better but because he was kicked out of the hospital. He has not been able to pay anything significant on his bill for some time.
I THINK he is in the hole somewhere around $7000.

He was making good progress and starting to walk again until he hurt his back in physical therapy.

At the moment he is mostly bedridden or in a wheel chair when its absolutely necessary to be moved.

Where he lives they almost have to pipe in sun shine

His E-Mail is down.
He has to use satellite to hook be on line.
Its expensive
While he was in the hospital (4 months) it wasn't used
Now he is home he still isn't amble enough to use it

His cell phone has a signal about half the time even though it is wired into an antenna.
He still is experiencing the "Good Old Days"

I just talked to Butch and will be contacting the Clearing House for his mailing list. He has enough trouble without compounding it because of missed communication.

Bro Park, thanks for making this communication problem known.

In the Paddy
Tim Searles