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Sending Church: Trinity Baptist Church, 800 Hammond Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32221, Phone: 904-786-5320
Board: Central Missionary Clearing House, P.O. Box 219228, Houston, TX 77218-9228, Pone: 281-599-7411
April 14, 2013
PRAYER NEED!: As I was writing this, Phil Pope a fellow missionary in Thailand, wrote of a Thai pastor of plus 20 years who has come under the attack of Satan. Because of sin in his grown child's life, a church member is using 1 Tim 3:4-5 saying that he should resign as pastor. He is seriously considering resigning. PLEASE PLEASE pray.
VISA AND TICKETS! Praise God! I have a visa stamp in my passport and a one-way ticket to Thailand dated April 22. The Lord gave me the perfect job that allowed me to spend time alone with my God and enjoy manicured backyards and sparkling water. He allowed us to pay off our minivan and all of our credit card debt. He actually forced us to live in a house and not a converted school bus. He allowed us to spend several very good months with my mother before she died and to be able to be here for our kids when they were going through some very hard times. Satan sent confusion and rejection but Christ sent love, power and sound mind. I'm thankful to be able to work among the Thai people who do not have the concept of a creator God. This forces me to review the attributes of God with them every time I witness. In so doing, the word God or the name Christ are not words that glibly roll off my tongue but is the God who created everything and by whom everything consists and is interested in me. Absolutely amazing! I'm not smart enough to theorize why this past year took place but I am smart enough to realize who holds me through good and bad.
NAKORNNAYOK continues to do well and is looking forward to me getting there. Even though I've been in the States for 17 months there continues to be preaching, witnessing and giving. There has not been any Stateside money for several years. The next thing is for them to understand and accept a constitution.
NEXR STEP: With NakornNayok coming together I will have time to help Ricky Salmon with the project that he has going in the Northeast. It seems someone has donated about 5 acres of land to Ricky's foundation. Two of the most effective tools to reach young men are sports and camps. By combining them into a sports retreat we will have a very effective outreach for the entire country.
The PLAN: Is for me to be back in Thailand on April 22 and to go with Ricky, to come up with a plan in order to help Ricky Salmon in the NorthEast. At the same time, I would be in and out of NakornNayok until the Constitution is set up. The plan is to have Maureen and Ben come to Thailand when Ben gets out of school in June but it really depends on the price of tickets. Our daughter is coming to Thailand in June with a friend of ours. Our friend Usa is arriving with her husband and granddaughter and Heather will be helping her with the traveling. It will be good for her to be back there, if only for a month.

On our way back to the paddy

Tim, Maureen and Ben