Opportunity to Serve RETURN

Back Ground: We are Independent Baptist, our goal is to preach the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, to have people saved and to start Independent Baptist churches. We have done about everything we could think of to bring this about. We have passed out tracts literally by the millions, held street meetings, gone on visitation regularly. We've harvested and planted rice, dug ditches and fed pigs to "find" someone to listen to us. While we were manufacturing points of contact the students and teachers came to us asking for help in English. After we realized they would give us liberty to talk about God, Christ, and sin, we took more and more opportunities. However, we are to a point now where we need help to fill the opportunity. We have been able to witness to many and and have seen people saved. It creates a tremendous amount of good will especially when the parents see their children's grades go up.
Christian Schools and Individuals: have responded. Christian Schools are looking for a short term (5-10 day) "hands on" mission experience for their young people while Individuals seem to use the experience to firm up a calling or see the mission field and its needs first hand before starting Bible School. In both cases using English as a ministry is a wide open door to the lives and hearts of the Thai. The fact that the volunteers do not speak Thai is an advantage because it forces the Thai students to use the English they already know.
Individuals: Have come for up to a year which fits into our schedule well. They work at everything from washing dishes, teaching English, to teaching piano. Whatever is needed at the time is their responsibility.
Who is it for? People who are saved, adaptable and who will work hard. People that would like a hands on mission experience. Young or old makes no difference. We are Independent Baptist and are best set up to work in this context.
Air Fare: here, can be as low as $500 round trip from LosAngeles but usually run $800 to $1200.
Accommodations: If you are coming to work we have a place to stay for up to about 20 people.
Food: Food varies, if you eat out, it costs about $3.00 a meal/person, otherwise you are welcome to eat with the family.
Phone calls: are personal responsibility of each Individual.
Van: for a group $40/per day + gas for a van. This will vary according to the exchange rate.
Airport taxes: $20.00 when leaving the country.
LONG TERM (3 months up) The same as above, There could be opportunities to tutor. There could be remuneration for this.
Is it safe?
Yes, but there are rules to follow.
1. The most useful of which is DON'T BE STUPID!.
2. Don't go out alone in the early morning or late at night.
3. Tell us where you are going.
4. There are some places you do not go.
Living accommodations?
Dormitory style. For people that are coming long term it could be a house at one of the schools.
Visa? Less than 30 days;
get a 30 day pass in Thailand at the airport as you come in. This type of visa IS NOT EXTENDABLE.
Over 30 days;
Must apply to Royal Thai Consulate before coming to Thailand.
Any one doing anything except sight seeing is required to have a work permit.
Legally even people that work in English camps need a Work Permit even though they may be volunteering. Because of the time and paperwork required there has been leniency here. However over 30 days Volunteers need a Work Permit. To get one you must come in the country on a Non Immigrant-B Visa. To get a Non Immigrant-B Visa you will need:

#1 Passport
#2 A letter of invitation from a Thai School. (We can get that for you.)
PLEASE NOTE: To get the invitation.
A. We need an e-mail attachment, fax or copy of the Name/Picture page of your passport, need to be able to see the passport number.
B. Two weeks processing time here in country + 10 days for mailing.
C. The month of arrival.
D. Mailing Address, address for UPS best.
E. Emergency contact name and phone number.
#3. Visa Application Form can be down loaded from this Web Site
#4 Pictures
#5 Application Fee.

Send the passport, letter of invitation, application, pictures, application fee to The Royal Thai Counsel. Address on application. This can be done over night mail but you must enclose sufficient postage for them to overnight it back. Otherwise regular mail to and from.

NOTE: A work permit is required even though you are not here on a "work basis"
None required however Hepatitis A and B are recommended as well as having tetanus up to date.
Very modest, casual, sandals most of the time are fine. Once or twice you may need closed in shoes. While teaching in the the schools: girls: skirts, sleeves on the blouse. Guys: long pants, shirts with collars.
What I Ne
ed: A letter from your parents if you are still living at home and a letter of recommendation from your pastor. Name and address of your home church, pastors name, and E-mail address.
What I want to know: How are you willing to be used? What talents or skills do you have? Play a musical instrument?. Good on the computer? Programmer? Application, or web page design? Art? Teacher? Outgoing? Friendly?
What are you looking for?

If your main purpose is to shop, Please do not consider coming.
If your main purpose is to vacation, Please do not consider coming.
If there is the slightest hope of romantic involvement
with a national, or American DO NOT COME!
We will not tolerate the appearance of a boy friend girl friend relationship springing up while you are here.